Pet portraits from photographs

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Don't worry about backround details, the sofa, his/her bed and even his/her favourite toy can be left out
as I concentrate on their faces. Unless you want a special toy in the finished painting, in which case just let me know.

Don't Worry too much if you end up with red-eye (or green as it seems to come out on dogs - see Jack Russell),
as long as at least one photo has the eye colour, I can pick his/her eye colour from a different picture,
but please check to see that at least one picture shows eyes in the correct colour.

You will need help and paitience to get a good picture with some dogs, to get my Jack Russell's picture,
someone was tickling his belly so he leaned back into the chair, I got down to his level and I called him
then clicked the the shutter, he looked up at just the right moment, still looking happy.

I find the most helpfull thing is to get on the same level as the pet, this will catch their character so much better,
they also seem to like it when you are crawling around on the floor with them, I've caught my best shots doing this.

Russett the Jack Russell photo